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The Procurement Agency (PA) is responsible for value driven, fast and transparent procurement of quality pharmaceutical products and health commodities through a network of international suppliers and manufacturers. We've procured more than US$ 260 million since 1998, and currently managing an average annual budget of US$ 60 million. 

Forecasting and Quantification
Using proprietary innovative tools, Medical Access works hand-in-hand with clients to validate forecasts before beginning the procurement process. 

Procurement Plan Review and Solicitation Document Development
Medical Access’ team of procurement experts are available to develop and review existing procurement plans and to develop bidding documents in accordance with relevant procurement policies and principles to promote competition and value for money.

Pre-Order Shipment Inspection
Medical Access works with its database of internationally-recognized compliance firms to arrange any required pre-shipment supply inspections.

Tendering and Bid Solicitation
Medical Access solicits bids or quotations by advertising locally or internationally or inviting bids/proposals from potential pre-qualified providers. Medical Access will then manage the receipt and processing of all proposals and bids received on behalf of our clients. 

Evaluation and Negotiation
All bids or proposals received are evaluated using a thorough evaluation methodology and per the criteria specified in the solicitation documents.

Contract Development and Management
Backed by legal counsel and experience in managing contracts with suppliers across the globe, Medical Access develops legal supply and service contracts that meet international standards and the needs of all parties involved.

Order Tracking, Delivery and Invoicing
Order tracking is initiated early on at the time of Purchase Order approval to ensure that our clients are kept up-to-date on stock status and order fulfillment on a continuous basis.