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Medical Access specializes in cost-effective, reliable and sustainable healthcare supply chain management solutions for Africa. 

We provide supply chain management services for pharmaceutical products and health commodities, including essential medicines, ARVs, drugs for Opportunistic Infections (OIs), laboratory equipment, reagents and supplies, Rapid Test Kits (RTKs/RDTs), Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) kits and consumables and other supplies.
Our comprehensive suite of services includes procurement, warehousing, distribution, sales and marketing, project/grants management, consulting, technical assistance services and capacity building. Combined, our comprehensive suite of services enables Medical Access to respond quickly to expanding client needs, while ensuring a continuous flow of life-saving medicines and essential health products to health facilities across the region.

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Our SCM tools have been built, tested and optimized over 20+ years of logistics experience

Medical Access has developed a set of proprietary tools – built, tested and optimized over more than 20 years of logistics experience – to ensure a systematic, efficient approach to supply chain management. In turn, these tools play a critical role in Medical Access’ mission to improve treatment outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Forecasting Tools

Medical Access Forecasting Tool (MAFT)
MAFT generates consumption and morbidity forecasts taking into account the distribution of patients across regimens.

Medical Access Laboratory Commodities Forecasting Tool (MALFT)
MALFT forecasts laboratory commodities based on the number and capacity of available testing platforms, as well as utilization rates of various reagents.

Stock Tracking Tools

Integrated Stock Monitoring & Procurement Planning Tool (ISMPP)
ISMPP is configured to automatically update and interpret stock position as months of stock to inform real-time procurement and delivery decisions based on consumption trends.

Field Report on Stock Tracking  Tool (FROST)
FROST monitors health facility stock levels by capturing quantities distributed, stock-on-hand and consumption to enable quick decision making  and reduce emergency orders.

Project Management Tools

Commodity Order Fulfilment & Tracking Tool (COFTRA)
COFTRA is a data-aggregation tool that enables easy retrieval of paper records used in transactions between health facilities served by MAUL and the central warehouse. 

Medical Access Supply Chain Information System (MASCIS)
MASCIS is a comprehensive tool that aggregates all logistics data from Procurement, Warehousing, Distribution, Field Operations, Customer Care and Monitoring & Evaluation.