Our Impact


Medical Access combines strong local knowledge with international healthcare supply chain experience to support a range of global partners.

Medical Access has long-running, broad experience working with developing country health supply systems, and strong, trusted relationship with government entities, private sector health institutions, regulatory agencies, academic institutions and other key bodies playing a role in the national health response.


Spotlight Project: Procurement and Supply Chain Strengthening Project (PSSP), 2011-2016

As one of Medical Access’ largest scale projects to date, the 5-year Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant awarded in September 2011 aimed at strengthening the national supply chain system of Uganda by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of HIV/AIDs and TB-related commodities and building sustainable SCM practices at the health facility level.

The project’s scope and mandate expanded from 3 implementing partners (IPs), 18 sites, 14 districts, 39,154 patients and US$ 7.6 million in 2012 to 14 IPs, 216 sites, 62 districts, 264,199 patients in 2016 with a budget of US$ 66.9 million.

Following the closing of PSSP, Medical Access now manages CDC-funded Health Supply Chain Improvement Project (HSIP).

Restoring Hope Initiative

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Improving the Quality of Life of People Living with HIV/AIDS and Other Conditions

Medical Access believes that one of its primary responsibilities as an organization is to positively contribute to the communities it serves. For this reason, the Restoring Hope Initiative was created as part of our commitment to give back to the communities it operates in by developing a strong foundation for sustainable healthcare delivery in the long-term. On an annual basis, our staff contributes funds under the Restoring Hope Initiative that are used to support selected community organizations in different parts of the country. Key highlights from our efforts to date are highlighted below. 

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