The sites that have been supported by medical access have done really well in terms of commodity security. They have always had enough stock and the capacities have been built for these sites.
— Dr. Elizabeth Namagala / Senior Medical Officer / Ministry of Health


Medical Access provides complete distribution services for health products, including packaging, labeling, loading and offloading, transportation, cross docking, trans-loading, reverse logistics and consignment tracking.

With more than 19 years of regional experience and knowledgeable well-trained staff, Medical Access has traversed more than 1.5 million accident-free kilometers across the country since 1998.

  • Our fleet is capable of handling short haul, in addition to long hauls, for a range of health commodities, including cold chain items. Medical Access’ modern fleet of trucks, vans, pickup trucks and motorcycles are fitted with tracking devices to support real-time commodity security surveillance during transit.
  • Cold chain trucks ensure that thermos-labile products are kept under temperature controlled conditions across the supply chain. Medical Access’ specialized vehicles and delivery routes are carefully selected to overcome the challenges associated with poor road conditions to deliver commodities quickly and effectively.

With its distribution fleet and network, Medical Access is well equipped to respond quickly to expanding client needs and requests. We ensure a continuous flow of essential medicines and health commodities across the region.