Medical Access offer a range of full-time, internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

Full-Time Opportunities

There are no openings at this time. 


The Medical Access Internship Program is aimed at providing practical training and hands-on experience to university/tertiary students. The program is designed as a learning opportunity for professionals in the making in specific areas such as Procurement and Logistics Management, Warehousing and Distribution, Monitoring and Evaluation, Finance, Human Resource and Administration. A Medical Access internship enables students to link theory to practice in the real world, equipping them to meet the dynamic demands of the local and international labor market. 

There are no openings at this time. 

Leadership Training Program

The Leadership Training Programme (LTP) is our graduate development initiative that offers talented graduates the opportunity to work in health care supply chain management at Medical Access and is designed to prepare our next generation of leaders. We welcome highly talented fresh graduates who are resourceful; innovative and daring to excel in whatever they do. Opportunities existing in the supply chain management function including procurement, warehousing, distribution and Logistics Management Information System / Monitoring & Evaluation.


The competition for places in our graduate programme is strong, so applicants need to demonstrate a history of academic achievement at a high level. We are looking for graduates with a degree in Veterinary medicine, Pharmacy, Laboratory Technology, Biochemistry, MBCHB, Bachelor in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Business Administration and any other disciplines, who have graduated either within the last two years or just finished campus (awaiting graduation). You must also be:

  • A talented and highly motivated individual who will be committed to the goals of the company

  • A good communicator.

  • A strategic thinkers and practical problem solver.

  • A team Player.

  • Flexible, adaptable and resourceful individuals.

  • Sensitive to and appreciative of differences and diversity.

Why you should apply

Our programme provides hands on experience in the above field and graduates gain valuable experience that can qualify them for a wealth of many exciting opportunities within our company and beyond. You will be joining a highly professional team inspired by working in a highly dynamic environment.

There are no openings at this time.