Ashraf Kasujja
Director of Technical Operations

Ashraf Kasujja is responsible for Supply Chain Operations System design, implementation and strengthening and has been instrumental in the development of guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and tools currently used by Medical Access in the procurement, warehousing and distribution of drugs and commodities.

Prior to joining Medical Access, Ashraf served as Head of Quality Assurance, Training, Advisory and Production at the Joint Medical Store (JMS), where he was responsible for developing, monitoring and evaluating quality assurance policies and procedures for JMS products and systems, providing technical advice to the JMS procurement team and coordinating the registration of products in Uganda in coordination with the National Drug Authority (NDA).

Originally trained as a pharmacist, he worked as a Production Pharmacist for both Bychem Laboratories and Mavid Pharmaceuticals early in his career and served as a part-time Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at the Makerere University Medical School from 2002-2004.

Throughout his past assignments, Ashraf has led several research initiatives, including the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network Drug Access survey in Kitovu, Nyenga and Kabarole Hospitals, which examined factors affecting access to medicines; a JMS price survey to compare JMS product prices and market prices; a stability study for
morphine oral solution preserved with Bronopol for the purposes of improving packaging and shelf life; as well as a price survey on ARV drugs in the Ugandan market on behalf of MAUL in 1998 that was used to negotiate competitive prices for ARVs across the country.

Ashraf holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Makerere University (Kampala, Uganda) and a Master of Public Health from University of South Africa. He is also in the process of completing his Master of Business Administration at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom).